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Spiritual Cleansing at Trista Empul Temple

By Marty Way

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Some places emanate an energy felt only by a gifted few. These are the yogis, fakirs and mystics among us whose meditational-majesty and unshakeable grip on the present plugs them into an otherworldly current. Many of these sensitive people have deemed the Tirta Empul Temple a source of immense power, able to augment vitality, zap negative auras, foster prosperity, and thwart damnation…all while purifying oneself.
The Tirta Empul is said to have been created by the Hindu God Indra, sometime around 926 A.D., and the temple includes freshwater pools. The Balinese pilgrims come from all over island to bathe in the holy springs and thus cleanse themselves spiritually.IMG_6519


Fortunately, the Balinese make the sacred pool available to us non-Hindus who may also be burdened with waning vitality, sticky negative auras and maybe a few lingering damnations. So, what do you need to purify yourself at Tirta Empul temple? A sarong is mandatory (if you don’t have one, you can rent one) and an offering of flowers food and incense for the Gods will stand you in good stead. Then make your way to the pools.IMG_6524.jpeg

Cup your hands to gather water from the spout to rinse your head and face. Repeat this move three times. For a more torrential cleansing and more protection and prosperity,  dip your head into the water flowing from the spout three times. Also, at each waterspout, place your hands together in the praying position and touch your forehead with your thumbs. Utter a short prayer or mantra three times (if nothing profound springs to mind, chant ‘OM.’ You see, ‘OM’ is thought to be the sacred sound of the universe encompassing all other sounds within it). Be respectful and follow your fellow pilgrims, left to right, through the three separate pools.

The first pool has 13 spouts, the second pool has two spouts and the third pool has one spout specifically for visitors. There are a couple of spouts used for purposes other than cleansing and are exclusively for the Balinese. You will be guided away from these.
I know what you’re wondering. Did your humble writer feel the jolt? Did the spiritual cleansing flush out those hard-to-reach crannies? Are the auras squeaky and radiating warm colours? Is there a renewed bounce of vitality?

Let’s just say that I feel much lighter.IMG_6523.jpeg

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