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Spiritual Cleansing at Trista Empul Temple 07.04.2024
Cruising Bali In a Vintage Volkswagen 05.04.2024
The Besakih Temple During the Largest Festival of the Year 03.04.2024
The Monkey Forest in Ubud, Bali 01.04.2024
Hiking Mount Batur in Bali 01.04.2024
Trullo in Puglia 02.11.2023
The Sassi of Matera 30.10.2023
Amalfi…on the Tyrrhenian Sea 30.10.2023
Pompeii 26.10.2023
Jugo wind Affects the Croatian State of Mind 23.10.2023
“The Arena”-The Roman Colosseum in Pula 19.10.2023
Plitvice National Park 18.10.2023
Ljubljana Has a Youthful Vibe 16.10.2023
Agriturismo Life at Ville di Corsano, Italy 12.10.2023
Arrezzo, Italy 09.10.2023
Fire Ceremony 14.05.2023
The Kanda Matsuri Festival 14.05.2023
Arashiyama Monkey Park in Kyoto 12.05.2023
Staying In a Capsule Hotel 07.05.2023
Okonomiyaki-Hiroshima Style 07.05.2023
Hiroshima & Miyajima Island 07.05.2023
Budapest 17.10.2022
Paprika- the temptress 15.10.2022
‘The Krakus Mound Touches the Sky’…Nobody Ever Said That 12.10.2022
Highlights of Krakow 12.10.2022
The Trabant-the German Car You Didn’t Know About 08.10.2022
A Quick Stop in Vienna 07.10.2022
Czechs Love Their Pilsner 04.10.2022
Arriving in Prague on Saint Wenceslas Day 03.10.2022
A Slurp of Thermal Water is Alleged to Fix What Ails You 30.09.2022
Rehabbing In the Thermal Waters of Karlovy Vary 29.09.2022
Canada Scraps Covid Restrictions 27.09.2022
Dresden Wine Festival-sort of 25.09.2022
Rock-Paper-Scissors 24.09.2022
A Stumble Coming Out of the Gate 22.09.2022
Trip Overview 20.09.2022